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Lithuanian Mercy Lift Donation

With so many worthy Lithuanian causes to support, we are grateful for your generosity.  As an all volunteer organization, we hold operating costs to the minimum to put your contributions to work helping to improve health care in Lithuania.


YES, I’d like to help Lithuanian Mercy Lift continue its work.


Name __________________________________________________________

Address __________________________________________________________

City ____________________________________  State/Region ________________  Zip/Code____________ Country ___________Email ___________________________

Donation:  o$15    o$25    o$35    o$50    o$100    o$200    o$_________________


Please designate donation to program:  _____Breast Cancer/Mammography

_____Diabetes Support                                         _____Facility Renovations and Improvements

_____HIV/AIDS Prevention                        _____Ona Kutkaite-Durbin Fund for Jurbarkas Hospital

_____Perinatal & Child Care                     _____TB Prevention and Control 

_____Youth Suicide Prevention                      _____ Wherever most needed

_____ Other __________________________________________________________________



If you prefer, print form and send check payable to:

Lithuanian Mercy Lift

PO Box 88,

Palos Heights, IL 60463.


Please inquire if your employer participates in a Matching Gift Program.  Donations are tax deductible to the extent the law allows.  LML is a not for profit charitable organization under section 501(c){3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Federal Tax ID # 36-3810893.


Thank you for your generosity!

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