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LML continuously reached out to the Lithuanian community across the country for donations and contributions.  Through gala charity balls, lottery drawings, spa days and donation request letters, LML raised funds from generous individual contributors to support ongoing activities and special causes.

Gala Balls

LML hosted numerous black-tie gala balls throughout many elegant Chicago area venues.  All proceeds funded either general programs or special needs.  Several of the balls included:




Spa Days


LML organized Spa Days to raise funds for the LML Mammogram program at the Nijole Lucia Hair Salon in Oak Park, Illinois and Revive Spa in New Buffalo, Michigan.  The hosts, Nijole Juhas of Nijole Lucia Hair Salon and Gitana Puskunigis of Revive Spa, and their staff generously donated their facilities and time.   LML Spa Days, often held in May to coincide with national breast cancer prevention initiatives, raised funds for the LML Mammogram program that funded free mammograms for women across Lithuania who otherwise would not be able to afford breast cancer screening.  LML organized bus transportation for women from rural areas to travel to mammography centers on weekends so that the women would not have to miss work.  Equally important, the press releases in Lithuania about this unique mammogram program succeeded in raising public awareness of the need for greater access to timely, life-saving breast cancer screening.  Later the Lithuanian Ministry of Health acted to improve access to early screening.






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