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Total Aid to Lithuania during the past 20 years, with the support of Lithuanian Mercy Lift’s generous donors:  $125 Million in Shipments + $1,690,425 in Purchases = $126,690,425 + 4 medical transport vehicles


We thank all donors, organizations and volunteers!  Ačiū Labai!


Medical Shipments Valued at $125 Million

  • Shipped 612 40 ft. containers with donated pharmaceuticals and medical supplies; special thanks to Christian Relief Services and the Salvatorian Mission Warehouse

  • Served Lithuanian charities in need of shipping: Vaikų Viltis, Saulutė and others


Autism: $39,400

  • Organized seminars throughout Lithuania with guest speakers from UIC and Illinois school programs for over 2300 professionals and parents of autistic children

  • Furnished classroom for autistic children at Vaikų Raidos Centras 

  • Provided financial aid to Viltis (Society for Persons with Mental Disabilities) autism training camp


Breast Cancer Prevention: over $200,000

  • Provided screening mammograms for 10,800 disadvantaged women from rural areas

  • Purchased mammography equipment for Ukmergės hospital


Dental: $23,000

  • Partnered with Dental Assistance Foundation to Lithuania (DAFL) to provide modern dental equipment and instruction at dental schools

  • Introduced a preventive dentistry program for 3,000 impoverished children, which inspired the Lithuanian government to adopt a similar program  


Diabetes: $62,275 

  • Supplied Lithuanian Diabetes Assn (LDA) with 22,000 glucose test kits to provide screening during World Diabetes Days

  • Provided stipends to 140 diabetic children and adults to attend diabetic teaching camps to learn to live with the disease


Health and Environmental Education: over $515,000

  • Initiated HIV/AIDS prevention programs and seminars, supported AIDS

  • Consultation Center in Klaipėda and publication of Community HIV/AIDS Prevention Manual published in Lithuanian

  • Introduced the UIC healthcare curriculum for  primary and secondary schools

  • Collaborating with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Ohio EPA, established environmental libraries and laboratories at universities and the Ministry of the Environment and provided literature and equipment donations worth $500,000.


Internet Connectivity

  • With the U.S. Library of Medicine support, connected the Lithuanian National Medical Library and the Vilnius University medical school library to the internet and National Institute of Health references.


Medical Equipment, Renovations and Improvements: $287,000 and 4 Vehicles

  • Provided furnishings, beds, surgical and medical laboratory equipment, EKGs, microscopes, autoclaves, nerve stimulators, therapy trolleys, dishwashers, laundry machines, bedding, computers, first aid supplies, other equipment and supplies for hospitals, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, environmental health centers and organizations across Lithuania

  • Partnered with the Ona-Kutkaite Durbin Fund to renovate the Jurbarkas Hospital’s 72 bed children’s wing

  • Partnered with the Šaulys Family Fund to renovate and provide equipment and supplies to Švėkšna healthcare center, psychiatric hospital and school

  • Installed ventilation system and kitchen equipment at an orphanage housing 155 infants and children in Panevežys

  • Provided Ambulances for hospitals and passenger vans for Viltis rehabilitation centers


Newborn Care

  • Instituted the University of Illinois (UIC) exchange program for Lithuania’s physicians and nurses to improve neonatal and perinatal care 

  • Sponsored UIC seminars in Lithuania and arranged many exchange visits


Pharmaceuticals and Reagents: $406,750

  • Purchased $300,000 worth of pharmaceuticals and laboratory reagents for over  100 hospitals and clinics.  Special thanks for generous funding from Christian Relief Services in memory of Vena Lauraitiene

  • Lithuania’s Instrumentation Labs distributed the reagents throughout the country

  • Supplied $106,750 worth of medications for the treatment of HIV/AIDS donated through pharmaceutical recycling program in U.S.


Suicide Prevention: over $25,000

  • Partnered with Lithuania’s Youth Psychological Aid Centre (JPPC) that provides suicide hotline services, counseling, educational programs and online information for the prevention, intervention and postvention of suicides and psychological crises among teens and young people

  • Sponsored seminars for mental health centers and over 150  primary care specialists

  • Funded the JPPC  Centre’s publication for children and young adults with psychological problems


Tuberculosis Prevention and Treatment: over $132,000

  • Provided medications to treat 13,750 adults and children; special thanks to the Oak Tree Philanthropic Foundation

  • Provided beds and dishwashers for Šiaulių TB Hospital; special thanks to Daughters of Lithuania, Chicago Chapter


Vision Screening

  • Coordinated vision screening for over 1,800 people and distributed glasses when needed, through the services of Optometrists Without Borders


Lithuanian Mercy Lift’s (LML's) original purpose was to help Lithuania’s sick and needy in a time of crisis, to help stabilize the Lithuanian healthcare system after the Soviet Union’s collapse.  It has not only been stabilized, but medical professionals and government agencies have stepped forward to take charge of improving Lithuania's healthcare system.  


After much consideration, and with mixed feelings, LML has decided to close. If you wish, you may still make a final donation, either as an individual supporter or group which wishes to help their ancestral town or region.


The closing process should be complete by Summer 2012.  All funds will be appropriated to LML Programs in Lithuania.  


Those you have helped in Lithuania are extremely grateful!


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