Lithuanian Mercy Lift (LML).

Lithuanian Mercy Lift (LML) is a voluntary, non-profit, charitable organization, that solicits and transports medical supplies and equipment to hospitals, nursing homes and orphanages in Lithuania.

LML was formed in 1990 to assist the newly re-established Republic of Lithuania with its healthcare needs. Current cumulative value since its inception is in excess of $110 million. Most medical supplies and equipment are donated, but specific requested items must be purchased. Your donations help purchase the requested equipment, reagents and medications.

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LML also provides avenues for healthcare personnel toward advancement in their fields. Cooperative programs have been established with the University of Illinois at Chicago and University of Wisconsin.

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Most recently, LML coordinated the participation of members of Volunteer Optometric Services to Humanity (VOSH), providing vision care to those in Lithuania who cannot afford it.

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The less fortunate were bussed from remote regions of the country to Vilnius. LML organizes an annual banquet and raffle dedicated to support specific programs and projects.

Fact Sheet

Lithuanian Mercy Lift (LML) was organized in April, 1990. It is registered as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization. Its purpose is to provide humanitarian aid to the people of Lithuania and avenues toward updating medical education and training to Lithuania’s healthcare professionals.

To date, LML has shipped over 500 forty-foot containers, (valued over $110 million), of medical equipment and supplies to Lithuania’s hospitals, orphanages, nursing homes and schools for disabled children.

During the past ten years, most transportation costs have been donated by Christian Relief Services (CRS). During fiscal 1999-2000 alone, sixty-five containers of medical aid were shipped to Lithuania.

LML has received PVO status from the US Agency for International Development (US AID) and has worked with the Departments of State and Defense for Lithuania’s benefit. In 1999, President George Bush referred to LML as the “primary provider of medical aid to the Baltics”. Many members of the US House and Senate are familiar with LML’s efforts. Of the thirty US based medical aid organizations that have provided aid to the Lithuanian healthcare system, LML was ranked #1 by the US Embassy in Vilnius.